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Caltech Carpool Program

Qualified members of the Caltech or JPL communities that commute together on a regular basis may purchase a Carpool parking permit. The cost of a Carpool permit is $30 per month, and the cost is divided between the members of the carpool.

Each carpool group is issued one permit to share between them, and the permit is valid in any vehicle owned by a member of the group. Carpool groups are are also issued an allotment of daily parking permits in the event that the members need to drive separately. Each carpool group qualifies for 4 free daily parking passes per rider per month.

Need help finding a carpool partner? log into to find other Caltech commuters in your area.

Carpool permits are valid in marked carpool parking stalls. Parking in carpool spaces is on a first-come, first served basis. Vehicles parked in carpool spaces must display a valid carpool permit.

To qualify for a carpool parking permit, the following conditions must be met:

  • Each member of the carpool group is an active staff, student, or faculty member at Caltech or JPL
  • All of the members of the group live outside of the "Caltech boundary" as defined by the following roads: Del Mar, Catalina, Arden, Hill and California. (Campus residents are not qualified to purchase a carpool parking permit)
  • The members of the group must travel together the majority of their commute trips to Caltech.
  • The members of the group must travel together for at least half of their commute distance

Carpool Registration Form